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Be The Influence


We believe sustainable change happens most effectively when an individual has a supportive peer network. OCN Level II Mentoring is an accredited course that enables participants to learn mentoring practices and methodologies in order to positively influence others' lives.

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Purpose and aim: Our goal is for women who have come through "The Real Me" to be trained to enable and provide long term support for other women coming through the personal development programme. This 12 week course will enable the learner to understand the stages of the mentoring relationship and how to apply a range of techniques.


What the course covers:


  1. Understand the stages of the mentoring relationship.

  2. Know how to apply techniques to make mentees feel comfortable

  3. Recognize the boundaries of a mentoring relationship

  4. Understand the referral process


When participants have successfully completed this mentoring course they will be referred to partner with a mentee from the personal development programme for a period of approximately 6 months.