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Meet The Glow Team


“I want to reach as many women and young girls as possible to help them discover who they are.”


Chara has trained in Life Coaching and obtained a Level 3 & Level 5 certificate in Community Life Coaching. She also has a Level 5 in Leadership & Management which she completed in 2016.  Her heart for women and girls is apparent through her 10 years of volunteer experience within the local church and community work. She has held leadership roles within women’s ministry and is highly respected for her love of people. In 2008, Chara began to run women's social events for women within the local community and soon recognised the issues many of these women were facing such as low self esteem and a lack of purpose or identity which leads to mental health problems and social isolation. This sparked something in Chara to help these women! As a result, our unique women’s programme came to be developed with the help of a few others. She is very driven to see Glow become a national organisation and works diligently to see her dreams come true.


Chara Clarke

Founder & Project Manager

You can read more of Chara's story and how she established GLOW by purchasing one of our books within the Shop section

Emer Kelly

Youth Project Worker


Emer joined our team in 2017 and has been a great addition especially with her 6+ years of youth work! She has a BSC Degree in Community Youth Work, qualified in OCN Tutor Training and a trained Princes' Trust facilitator. She truly cares about the well being of women and girls and it shows in the way she brings people together within the group sessions. She travels out to other organisations and schools to promote Glow and to deliver our programmes. Within a few months of working at Glow, Emer developed a follow-on programme called "Glow Getters" which is for girls who have completed our Lily programme. 



One Glow-Getter age 10 said, "Emer is kind, thoughtful and helpful."

Kellie Forbes

Administrative Assistant 

Kellie joined our team in 2017 and has kept the operations and office running smoothly. She has 8 years experience in office and administration work, interned in life coaching and has obtained a Level 2 OCN in Mentoring. Kellie benefitted from personal development as a teenager and saw the impact it had on her life. This experience encouraged her to be apart of Glow to support and care for other women and girls in difficult situations. Kellie oversees our finance, social media and helps in any way to support the overall projects of Glow by assisting Chara in business development.


"Keep calm and let the administrative assistant handle it"

Maxine Dougan

Women's Project Worker


Maxine is the newest member to Team Glow in 2019! She is full of passion for supporting and encouraging women, singing and all things crafts! She is a proud mum of two wonderful daughters and her wee pup. Maxine was a participant in one of the very first women's personal development programme at Glow. Within her new role, you can expect to find Maxine leading our women's Drop-In on Fridays, providing one to one support for women, facilitating "The Real Me" programme and of course bringing creativity and flair to the whole organisation.


“I have plans to create a hub for all women to come together and learn from one another in a safe environment. I envision women sharing their skills with each other and forming lasting friendship like the ones I got from Glow.”