Life Coaching

"We can be whatever we want to be"


How many times have we heard this statement?

Well I for one would like to be a famous supermodel, but with my small stature and not so slim build... well that's never going to happen.

I also wanted to be an actress, a lawyer and a marine biologist, move to Florida and work at Sea World with the Dolphins. Again this was never going to happen.


The reason was because I'm not equipped, created to or have the real passion for any of the above.


Through Life Coaching you begin to discover what your true passions are, what natural gifts and talents you possess, where your true values lie and what is going to make your life feel more fulfilled.


Life Coaching equips & empowers you to become the "Real You", to move onwards and upwards and to live life on purpose instead of letting it pass you by.




  • Realizing potential and goals 

  • Taking inspired action 

  • Increasing self-esteem, self-awareness and self-confidence 

  • Better self-care 

  • Future planning and vision 

  • Getting organized and increasing productivity 

  • Setting Priorities 

  • Enhancing emotional intelligence 

  • Better communication skills 

  • Better work and family relationships 

  • Discovering Values and aligning them with your goals

If you're ready and eager for that next step and want to get out of that rut and start to move forward then Life Coaching is for you!


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Chara Clarke

Certified Life Coach

Level 5 in Community Life Coaching


“My life has changed dramatically since I first met with Chara in 2015. She helped me to identify my values, goals, strengths and calling and showed me how to remain focused in achieving these goals.

Her knowledge and professionalism is of a very high standard and I felt at ease talking and sharing with Chara.


She has been a positive influence on my life and I highly recommend Life Coaching.”


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